School Pride Days and Earth Day 2016

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This is a little late, though I wanted to share with everyone how successful our SCHOOL PRIDE DAYS were this year! So much fun! We had the best turn out ever and were quite productive….

20160422_104543Music Wall – Discussing Design (left Zach – volunteer from Portland Roasting Company and Right Pheonix – a Pumas student)



Below we did some rearranging of our planters and planted lots of things, including flowers, food and fun fairy garden plants.

20160422_113640 20160422_114008

20160422_161432   20160422_154149

         20160421_095731     20160421_111009


Jen, Lee and Darcy (Pumas Parents and child) work to paint and label this outdoor table so that waters can be organized by classroom. Thank you!!!

Painting the Playhouse – Thank you Ellie’s (Angelitos) family for the paint donations! And thank you to all the children and adults that helped paint it!
20160421_162839    20160421_155816



ABOVE Jessica (Charlie-Pumas) and Charlie worked to organize our outdoor materials in the playhouse. Thank you!!!


20160421_104348 20160421_092240

We also had a building crew that helped to construct the music wall, repair our garden beds and play structure, as well as take down an invasive tree on our playground.

Thank you Ry (Angelitos Parent), Tony (Pumas Parent) and Kalin (Tortuguitas Parent)!!!!

LASTLY, the bird feeders and heart rocks table was a success. We couldn’t have made that happen without all the wonderful parent and grandparent volunteers that helped staff it during drop off and pick up times…20160421_155739

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