Angelitos Class

The Angelitos Class is for children ages 3-4 who have mastered most of the preschool readiness skills:

  • Diaper free
  • Shoes/pants/coats independently
  • Using words to communicate
  • Building relationships, social skills and larger group (community) skills.

The Angelitos class has a maximum of 20 children with 2 teachers and the assistance of auxiliary staff to assist during classroom projects. As such it is imperative that children be developmentally ready for the higher child/teacher ratios. All children develop at a different pace and this pace must be honored.

A Day in the Angelitos Class

This classroom is full of 20 lively, inquisitive and energetic 3 & 4 year olds. There is a balance between exploratory play based activities and structure and routine for these preschool students. Signals and audible cues are used throughout the day to help the children transition and to promote their independence and self sufficiency. The teachers strive to provide consistency while also emphasizing the importance of flexibility when it comes to daily routines. There are a variety of activities offered each day which may include one or more of the following: sensory exploration, art projects and material exploration in the studio, cooking/baking opportunities, science experiments, field trips, nature walks, early literacy development, yoga, music and collaborative games.


Food is a critical part of your child’s experience in the Angelitos class. Children are encouraged to try all foods as they learn to develop a palate for various tastes. We also know how important proper nutrition is for your child’s educational experiences. As such, as your child is getting acclimated to the foods offered at Escuela Viva, we ask that you pack a small snack to supplement the 2 snacks and lunch we serve.  Additionally, we encourage children to “listen to their bodies” and eat when they are hungry. We offer snacks and lunch at a particular time; yet children are always encouraged to seek their snacks when they feel hunger. As we  learn to trust children, while offering only healthy food options, children can and do make very healthy choices for their bodies.

Guidelines for Foods To Be Brought As Supplemental Snacks:

  • Ensure that the snack bag is labeled with your child’s name (sharpies work best)
  • Ensure that the snack bag is insulated and properly cooled if packing perishable foods
  • Please be conscientious of packaged foods as packaged foods have many additives, sugars and preservatives. Additionally, packing adds to waste and we promote sustainability whenever possible.
  • Avoid high sugar snacks
  • No candy or gum

Daily Routines

A classroom rhythm is established each year and often varies depending on the children and their developmental needs and personalities. The following are aspects of the classroom that children and parents can expect:

  • An A.M. snack and lunch (provided by the school) for all day children a P.M. snack
  • A consistent daily nap time
  • Music and story-telling is offered
  • Outside activity and Gross Motor Development
  • Books and early literacy experiences
  • Sensory motor activities
  • Material exploration
  • Fine and gross motor activities (indoor)

Parent Involvement

Parent involvement is at the crux of our classroom environment. Our most successful classrooms always include strong partnerships between parents and teachers. As always communicate directly with your child’s teachers via the blog or email address. If you do not have access to the blog with a sign in contact the director: or the directors assistant:

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