Cachorros Class

This classroom model is that of 6 children with two teachers.  The goal of this classroom is to offer a home like environment that provides for the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual needs of the infants and wobblers in this classroom.  We strive to provide an environment that offers spaces for both quiet and active explorations and a wide range of developmentally appropriate opportunities for learning. The care-giving approach and model we have adopted is with the idea in mind that the relationships we create may emulate the love and respect of their family.  Although we could never truly emulate the deep love and respect of a child’s family, with time all Escuela Viva children become an extension of our family. We come to develop deep lasting relationships with the children in our care and do our best to capture this in our daily documentation.

A Day in the Cachorros Class

Infants need responsive caregivers who understand that a routine is so very important for children of all ages; yet a set schedule is not developmentally appropriate for children under two.  As responsive caregivers we follow the rhythms of our infants.  As such our care-giving follows this rhythm, understanding that any of this may differ for any or all of the children on any given day.  Below are the different activities offered on a daily basis at various times in the day.


  • Snack is offered twice a day, morning and afternoon
  • Lunch is also provided mid-day
  • Milks are given as appropriate for individual child (2-3 times a day)
    • Soy, rice and cow milks are provided
    • We are happy to accommodate another kind of milk provided by the family (breast, coconut, etc)
  • Soft food is provided for children not yet eating solids
  • Specific cereals or other kinds of food the child is eating can be prepared and served at school
  • It is up to the family to provide anything different from the school menu

Daily Routine

  • Diapering throughout the day (every 1-2 hours)
  • Music and story-telling is offered
  • Outside activity and Gross Motor Development
  • Books and early literacy experiences
  • Sensory motor activities
  • Material exploration and Studio activities
  • Fine/indoor gross/sensory motor
  • One or two naps a day depending on child’s development

Infant/Wobbler Commons

The Infant/Wobbler Program shares an arrival, diapering, eating and studio space.  It is a commons area of sorts in between the two classrooms that greats parents and children as they enter the Infant/Wobbler spaces.  As the arrival area, it displays children’s work and daily activities through posted documentation and parents boards.  There is also a transition space offered for parents and children to be able use for reading books or spending some time together before saying goodbye to each other for the day.

The Infant, Wobbler and Toddler Classes, though autonomous in their curricular and daily activities, also work together as a community sharing certain times of day together in commons space, out of doors and at times in each others classrooms.  This kind of atmosphere enriches the children’s experience as a part of a larger community and provides the opportunity for higher flexibility in light of children’s interests, development and contribution to their own and their neighboring class.  The teaching teams, each consisting of two teachers, are also supported by auxiliary staff.

Parent Involvement

Parent involvement is at the crux of our classroom environment. Our most successful classrooms always include strong partnerships between parents and teachers. As always communicate directly with your child’s teachers via the blog or email address. If you do not have access to the blog with a sign in contact the director: or the directors assistant:

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