Open Tours

Open Tours are currently on hold through the month of April.

Stay Home, Stay Safe.

Open Tours are truly for parents to visit the school and learn more about Escuela Viva and our philosophies. Attending a tour without your child is truly in your child’s best interest. Your child will want to freely explore and you will want to listen and ask questions. Children require more supervision than you will be able to give during an open house, if you are to walk away with the information you seek. Thank you for your understanding!

As our work involves working directly with your children AND so many of you rely on our services in order for you to work; we have carefully planned the time that staff need to thoughtfully plan for your child’s early childhood experience. As education is a very dynamic process, teachers need time to plan and reflect on the educational experience your child is receiving at Escuela Viva. We have/will have a section on our web-blog for parents to collaborate childcare exchanges for times when you are unable to take time off of work.

Check out our calendar for upcoming Events and Open House Tours

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 Holiday Closures and Planned Vacations:

  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • December Winter Break (week long closure)
  • New Years Day
  • March Spring Break (week long closure)
  • Memorial Day
  • July Summer Break (week long closure)

Teacher Planning and In-Service Days

  • Teacher In-Service Day October (Planning Retreat)
  • 2 Days Parent Teacher Conferences Fall Term
  • 2 Days Parent Teacher Conferences Spring Term
  • Teacher In-Service Day Spring (April or May)
  • Teacher In-Service Day August

Your family is not charged for the school holiday/vacation closures; it has been factored into your monthly tuition. We are open on all other holidays for those parents who need child care. These are not “classroom” days so your child will not be missing out on any vital class work if you choose to keep them out of school for family time, etc.

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