Upcoming Parenting Class

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The Caring Discipline material provides simple guidelines, tools, and practical examples which will teach you to:  Strengthen and enrich adult-child relationships Convince children they are loved unconditionally Defuse a child’s anger and prevent violent behaviors Teach children to act responsibly Keep from sabotaging your discipline efforts Open two-way communication with the child’s inner self Teach… continue reading »

Value Judgements: Lessons in Right and Wrong

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As a spectator at my son’s soccer game I chuckled inside when I noticed one of his team mates with his shoes on the “opposite” feet. Yes, that’s the way we say it in our house. I’ve intentionally steered away from saying “you’ve got your shoes on the wrong feet.”  Who decided that anyway? Maybe… continue reading »

Parenting: Media Exposure

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Understanding why limiting children’s exposure to media, especially violent media,  is a topic well discussed among psychologists, researchers and educators. Why? To begin with, as is true with all developing brains, what children know about real vs. fiction is limited and the part of their brain that controls impulses is still largely developing. Regular exposure… continue reading »

Parenting: Trusting Ourselves Trusting Our Children

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As I prepared to write this next parenting segment and thinking about how hard parenting can be sometimes, I was reminded of a lesson I learned when my daughter was just 2 years old. Her dad was bringing her home and I had had this one little project that I wanted to accomplish before she… continue reading »

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