Curriculum Framework

Constructivism is at the heart of The Reggio Emilia approach. The fundamentals of constructivism are evident throughout the work we do with the children.  Pulling from the Education for Life philosophies we have the framework to see children as unique and individual learners, having their own set of tools for learning about themselves and the world around them.  This allows us to teach the whole child.  The four tools of maturity offer a lens into these different modalities.  We connect each child’s learning styles within the Developmental Domains listed below.

Developmental Domains for Curriculum/Project Planning (Tools of Maturity)

  • Social-emotional (emotional)
  • Language/literacy (intellect)
  • Physical development – fine/gross motor (physical)
  • Problem solving (will)

Children all have different ways of learning.  The four tools of maturity are found within us all in varied degrees and amounts.  By working to incorporate all four tools of maturity into the students project work, teachers are  able to reach more students.  Finding ways to incorporate all four tools of maturity in the work we do with the children is the major way for evaluating children’s development, planning and tracking projects, as well as tracking progress and assessment.

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