One comment on “EV Immunization Rates 2016

  1. Here are the herd immunization thresholds (which our kids are significantly below) for the diseases in the chart:

    For comparison, here are the stats for Portland:

    And here are the national stats:

    I realize Portland is a kooky town. My family has been here for four generations. We are a family of kooks. My mom had to hide my own vaccinations from my dad. I spent a lot of my childhood chewing garlic. I get it. Pharmaceutical companies aren’t popular here. Naturopathy is.

    Yet I’m still disappointed. Polio is no joke. The late conductor of the Oregon Symphony, James DePreist, got it while traveling in Thailand. He spent the rest of his life in crutches. Now imagine if polio made a comeback at Escuela Viva like measles made a comeback in LA.

    Please study the science before you claim an exemption.

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