Garden Work Party a Sucess!

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Last saturday’s forecast was 100% rain but that didn’t stop us. We had quite a few families turn out and accomplished the majority of our goals. It was wet and rainy, that’ soft sure. Thank you everyone for pulling on your rain gear and coming out to make our school a better place!image image image image image image image image























We accomplished almost ALL of our goal items….

Garden Activities:
-Planting Garlic
-Harvesting Potatoes
-Transplanting raspberries

-Break down and move wagon off the playground
-Rake bark chips out of bioswale back into the play area – once done…move and reset two of the boarder logs on the west side of the play area
-General playground clean-up (sweeping/weeding/etc)
-Move and re-set two log

-We have a small building project that includes boxing in our Infant/Toddler play equipment. If anybody in this group is a builder and would like to help with this project, it would be great to touch base before the work party if possible. (THIS IS THE ONE ITEM WE DIDN’T GET TO)
-Drill holes in buckets and attach them to the side of the sand box and planter for digging tool storage
-Create more boarders using stumps and boulders (this project is pending on getting more stumps and boulders here by next Saturday)

Thank you EVERYONE! If anybody in our community feels excited about helping to develop our intentional infant/toddler outdoor space and has building experience, tools and the time, please contact one of the Admin team (Laralei or Amelia). GRACIAS!

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    1. Thank you for your feedback! I did put it in the all school newsletter, though it is a new format so I will make sure and send an announcement for next time!

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