Garden Work Party

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A BIG thank you to everyone that came out and helped get the garden ready for another season of growing our own food. Not only did we amend the garden, the sand box was filled and the huge job of pruning was taken on by a big group!
Leta’s mom, Angel fixed the Pumas sink by replacing the faucet and water lines. THANK YOU!

Thank you Kale and papa Nate for cleaning up and outfitting our strollers!

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Max, Vanessa and Adeline, thank you for bringing us two loads of dirt and compost for the garden! We had quite the pruning crew, Mercy & Elinor, Kirsten (Leif’s mom), Leah (Elinor’s mom), Carl (Lenzo’s dad) and Kelly & Ted (Maia’s parents). Our apples trees have finally been given shape, thanks Carl!!!

Thank you Gabe for getting beach sand from Valley’s Landscaping for our sand boat! Steph (Elinor’s mom) helped us to create a temporary fix for one of our garden beds. We all enjoyed the bit of sun and time together. We look forward to having more volunteers involved in our school pride days in April.

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