Wish Lists

School-wide (de toda la escuela)

Vacuum cleaner
Child sized tables/chairs
Child sized couch/lounge chairs
Sensory materials (i.e. beans and rice, funnels, etc)
Outdoor furniture
Outdoor storage (shed or smaller, too)


plexiglass mirrors
things that catch the sunlight (such as cut glass crystals or transparent beads) to hang in the window
pool noodles (to cut into “quiet blocks”)
multi-racial baby dolls
plastic containers with lids (there has been a lot of interest in putting lids on/off things) – anything with a lid bigger than  choking size would be awesome
We love recycled materials — wrapping & toilet paper tubes, tissue boxes, plastic containers, scrap fabric, scrap paper, etc. If you have a material you think we might be able to use, ask us! We probably would love to have it!
disposable diapers
boxes of tissues
hand sanitizer
child size arm chairs or similar comfy reading seats for our cozy corner
semi-transparent things that would look interesting with light shining through them
things that emit light (flash lights, fake candles, etc.)
things that reflect light (tinfoil, plexiglass or shatterproof mirrors)
baking trays that are magnetic (for fine motor work with magnets)


2 dressing skills boards (homemade, or store bought, with things like zippers, velcro, snaps, buttons, and buckles)
Sensory materials (dried goods)


*Small plant starts for our terrarium!

The children LOVE using the spray bottle to water the plants.  Our one sad fern didn’t make it, so we’d love to get some terrarium-friendly cuttings from your homes, or small plant starts to help our indoor garden flourish.  Listed below are some plants that do really well in terrariums, and if you have any to add to the list, please let me know!
*artillary fern
*button fern
*aluminum plant
*creeping fig/ficus primula
*polka dot/hypoestes
*red-veined prayer plant/maranta
*baby’s tears/Pollyanna vine

*Watercolor paper

Large individual sheets or large pads of THICK watercolor-specific paper would be wonderful.  We have used up every bit of paper thick enough to withstand watercolors!  We also hope to make a few collective paintings, within our classroom and also with Angelitos as a community-building project.

*Watercolor paints

Refills (tubes) are preferable, though basic 8-color palettes would also be great.  The Tortuguitas have been continually enthralled by watercolor painting for a steady 2 months, so our small supply is nearly out.

Angelitos Wish List

Child sized chair
Magnets – see through for light table activities
See Through colored items for light table
Puzzles/ games for child development
Water colors
Bulk rice/beans for sensory table
Marble runs
Dress up material – boys and girls
New book shelves (child sized)
Water Color Paper
Funnels of different sizes

Pumas Wish List

Tag Board
Gold and Silver Water Colors
Small Couch
Good Pens
White Board Erasers
Red and Green Construction Paper
Rubber Bands
Ikea wire curtain hanging system
Documentation Mat or cork boards
Floor and table lamps
Child/Adult friendly love seat/small couchlight bulbs for projectors
Clip boards (1/2 size) and (Full size)
Funnels of different sizes
Play Cleaning Set
Cubby Baskets
Big Portland Map
Rubber Bands
Child Hair Ties
Guinea Pig Exercise Ball/Wheel

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