La administración

Angie Garcia
Escuela Viva Executive Director & Owner
Since July 2014

As Executive Director, Angie functions as a mentor, guide, resource and trainer for the Escuela Viva teaching team.

Angie Garcia, the founder of Escuela Viva, first and foremost is a mom to two beautiful children. Escuela Viva began when Angie could not find the type of preschool experience that she wanted for her daughter. Angie, having had many years experience in both early childhood programs like Head Start as well as experience in child care settings, felt she had a good grasp of what makes a solid nurturing preschool. Read More

Laralei Vander Putten-Kane
Pine Street Site Director
Since December 2005

Believes children enrich our lives.
Believes in enriching the lives of our children.

Over 14 years of experience working with young children.
Continuous education and trainings with the following:
Mother of two (Oliver 18 and Logan 15 as of 2019)
Portland Community College
Mount Hood Community College (MCC&R)
Professional Development Escuela Viva

Read More

Maestras de los Pumas

Kathleen Nani Nauta
Pre-K Teacher
Since August 2014

Nani is excited to be joining the Escuela Viva family.  She has an A.A degree in Early Childhood Education and has been a preschool teacher for over 23 years. In 2007, she left Mentor Graphic Child Development Center after 13 years to return to school. In 2008, she received her B.S. in Social Science. Her emphasis was on ECE and Environment studies with young children. Nani has been involved with OAEYC (Oregon Association for the Education of Young Children) for over 20 years.Read More

Maria Gloria Luna
Pre-K Spanish Teacher
Since June 2016

Gloria Luna was born in Mexico. She graduated from college in Mexico with a degree in business. She came to Oregon in 2002 and moved to Portland in 2003. She is the mom of two daughters: Ivette, 14, and Emily, 6 years old.Read More

Maestras de los Angelitos

Preschool Teacher
Carmen Padron
Since August 2016

Carmen Figueroa was born on April 18th, 1990 in the city of Camaguey, Cuba. Since her earlier years of life she reflected an aptitude towards excellence and responsibility which was evident by her determination to follow her dreams despite the restrictions of her countries. Read More

Virginia “Vicky” Velarde
Preschool Spanish Teacher
Since April 2016

Virginia was born and raised in Mexico. he arrived in Portland two years ago with her daughter Gloria and husband John. She graduated from High School and went two years to Community College in Texas. Her goal is to go back to school and get her Child Development Associate (CDA). Read More

 Preschool TA & Floater Teacher (all school)

Susan Solati
Since July 2016

Having a natural interest in art, after high school I pursued a degree in textiles in which I was able to learn about design, texture, dyeing, materials, chemistry and other aspects. My husband and I met while I worked in an office, as an administrative assistant. Read More

Las Maestras de los Tortuguitas

Eloisa Julian-Ramirez
Toddler Teacher (Tortuguitas Class)
Since April 2014

Eloisa was born and raised in Mexico, City. She has lived in Oregon since she arrived from her country in 1993 and feels happy that she has learned the English language and has learned to be part of a bicultural environment and is eager to transmit the value of cultural diversity to young children. Read More

Ailin Martinez
Toddler Teacher (Tortuguitas Class)
Since November 2017

Ailin Martinez was born in Cuba, finished high school and began preuniversity. In 2009 she obtained her accounting diploma, she moved to the United States in 2014, she is the mother of three children, two boys with 15 and 16 years old and a girl of 8. Read More

Martha San Juan
Early Preschool Teacher
Since November 2012

Martha Sanjuan is currently taking classes at Mount Hood community college, and is eager to finish her early childhood career. She is fluent In Spanish and in her native language Mixteco, and is working very hard to perfect her English. She is most importantly a beautiful mother of two terrific children. Read More

Ana Posso
Early Preschool Teacher
Since November 2017

I was born on December 29, 1985 in Maracaibo, Venezuela, I finished my university studies in 2009 with a good academic standing. I am a graduate of the Dr. José Gregorio Hernández University, as a graduate in Human Resources. From a humble family I learned the value of the most important things in Life; sincerity, work and Love for others, which I apply daily to my life. I did my professional career in Venezuela, however when I arrived in the United States I decided to work with children, since it is something that always caught my attention and here I have had the opportunity to do so.
My early work as a childcare provider has given me the necessary experience in the care of children, especially with the experience I have had during the years in my own family. Since I have treated with special attention all the children of the house. In addition, the work of Auxiliar de Aula has allowed me to obtain daily knowledge in the guide and teaching.
Giving thanks to God for the opportunity I have had to offer my Language as a way of learning to children who in the future will be Bilingual.
Nací el 29 de diciembre 1.985 en Maracaibo, Venezuela, mis estudios universitarios los termine en el año 2009 con un buen rendimiento académico, soy graduada en la Universidad      Dr. José Gregorio Hernández, como Licenciada en Recursos Humanos, proveniente de una familia humilde aprendí el valor de las cosas mas importantes de la Vida; la Sinceridad, el trabajo y el Amor por los demás, los cuales aplico a diario como mi razón de ser. Ejercí mi carrera profesional en Venezuela sin embargo cuando llegue a los Estados Unidos decidí trabajar con niños, ya que es algo que siempre me llamó la atención y aquí he tenido la oportunidad de hacerlo.
Mi trabajo como Baby Sitter me ha dado la experiencia necesaria en el cuidado de niños, sobre todo con la vivencia que he tenido durante los años a nivel familiar ya que he tratado con especial atención a todos los pequeños de la casa. Además, la labor de Auxiliar de Aula me ha permitido día a día obtener conocimientos en la guía y enseñanza.
Dando gracias a Dios por la oportunidad que he tenido de ofrecer mi Idioma como manera de aprendizaje a niños que en un futuro serán Bilingües.

Infant/Toddler Program

Glenna Reyes
Lead Infant/Toddler Teacher

Glenna Reyes grew up in Chicago, IL as a heritage Spanish speaker. She transferred from Loyola University to Portland State University in 2009, after studying abroad in Beijing, China. She began working at Escuela Viva as a sub while pursuing her undergraduate degree and has been a part of the EV community as a teacher, sub, assistant and volunteer on and off for about 10 years. Read More

Yarisell Feria
Infant/Wobbler Teacher (Cachorros Class)
Since July 2015

Yarisell was born on February 18, 1982 in the city of Holquin, Cuba. Since childhood she excelled in sports and cultural activities at school, as well as in the neighborhood and community, meanwhile maintaining a satisfactory level of work within her studies, too. Art and culture were also a mark on her childhood development. Read More

Mirian Carrera Ventura
Cachorros Teacher

Hello, my name is Mirian M. Carrera Ventura. I am from Mexico City, but both my parents are from the state of Puebla, Mexico. I consider myself from Puebla as well. I immigrated to the U.S. in 2003. I lived in New York City for almost three years. There I met my husband and my oldest son was born there. Read More

Patricia Gutierrez
Infant/Toddler TA (Sapitos Class)
Since March 2017

Nombre completo PATICIA KAROLINA GUTIERREZ BRACHO, nací el 22 de octubre de 1992 en Venezuela, Maracaibo-Edo Zulia, soy graduada de la Universidad del Zulia (LUZ) como Licenciada en Administración. Nací rodeada de una familia que me enseñó los valores más importantes de la vida, el respeto, la humildad, responsabilidad y honestidad. Read More

Sarah Scherling
Cachorros/Sapitos Teaching Assistant
Morning Shift
Since April 2019

Hello Families!

My name is Sarah and I am excited to be joining the Sapitos classroom here at Escuela Viva! A Portland native myself, I grew up in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest, getting muddy and growing with the seasons just like your little ones do! I have obtained a BS in Psychology and over ten years of experience working with children in various settings. English is my native language, so I have been learning a lot from fellow teachers and students! In fact, I believe that if we’re open, our greatest teachers in life can be the youngest among us.

Beyond ensuring a safe, caring, and stimulating environment, I am committed to developing each child’s independence and self-esteem. I believe that children learn best when they are encouraged to communicate their feelings and needs. I have fostered that type of environment by implementing age- and developmentally-appropriate activities, encouraging exploration, and providing positive behavioral feedback in a consistent, warm, and affectionate manner. I am passionate about integrating holistic activities such as meditative movement and live music activities into my teaching and care of children. I feel very honored to be apart of a team that helps guide your children through their discovery of self and the world around them.

Marisol Pichardo Barrales
Cachorros/Sapitos Teaching Assistant
Afternoon Shift

I’m Marisol Pichardo Barrales. I was born in Oaxaca, Mexico. My family is the greatest gift that God has given me. In 2014, I participated as a volunteer in Sacajawea Head Start. At that time, my interest in working with children began. Read More

Alexis Thompson
Cocinera y Coordinador del Programa del Jardin/Kitchen and Garden Coordinator
Since May 2016

Alexis has been an environmental educator since 2003, working with students ages 1-21. She holds a BS in Environmental Science and Community Development from Portland State University. At PSU, she was a chef at a student run cafe and fell in love with garden education. Read More

Maestros Substitutes:

Alejandra Enriquez
Since November 2013

Alejandra Enriquez was born in California, but raised in Oregon, and has always gone back and forth between the two wonderfully unique states. After attending Saint Mary’s College of California to obtain her degree in Archaeology/Anthropology, the Great Norhwest was calling to Alejandra once again. Read More

Rachael Fetrow
Since 2017

Rachael is thrilled to be joining the staff at Escuela Viva. Her most recent teaching experience includes: pre-k teacher at a private school in SE Portland and lead pre-k English teacher for Oregon Child Development Coalition, where she taught Oregon pre-kindergarten during the regular year and Migrant Head Start during the summers. Read More

Jerri Broadbeck
Since February 2012

Jerri was born near Corvallis, Or. but grew up in Bend.  She graduated from Bend Senior High School and went on to graduate from Southern Oregon State University with a degree in elementary education. She earned  an Oregon Teaching Certificate and taught children with visual impairments and other disabilities in Eastern Oregon until the birth of her first son.  Read More

After School Assistants

Logan Borg

Mey Gorman
(to be displayed soon)

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