How We Work with Children

Escuela Viva’s Guiding Principles:

  • Love and respect permeate every aspect of our school community.
  • Children are competent, active learners.
  • Children, parents, teachers, and the environment are partners in the learning process.
  • Children are celebrated and empowered when their learning is made visible.
  • Children have an amazing capacity to learn language.

Escuela Viva was developed with two main goals in mind. The first is to provide an enriching environment that supports the spiritual, academic and humanistic needs of our children. The second is to support the development of both English and Spanish language skills. As our program is a dual language program, children will be taught in their native language while providing more and more opportunities to hear a second language.

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Our Approach to Spanish

Our philosophy related to second language acquisition is that children will develop a love for language and become a partner in learning. Nothing can be more frightening than to start your academic career and not understand what your teachers are saying to you. Immersion works well….it just isn’t how we approach this learning. There are plenty of moments in your child’s life where they will feel pressure to learn.  That isn’t how we approach any learning at Escuela Viva. We will make the learning, albeit Spanish, a new dance/song, or how to be a contributing member of their classroom, an experience they will carry for a life time. A time where they were allowed to learn at their pace, their interests were valued, and they felt competent in mind and body.

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The Early Childhood Movement

Since Escuela Viva’s birth in July of 2004, the hope has been that we would be part of a group of educators leading the movement to professionalize early childhood education. At the heart of this desire lies the understanding that all children deserve a quality education. Read More

Parents As Partners

In order to be effective teachers we must have consistency between home and school. We offer a variety of means for achieving this goal; open communication, parent-teacher conferences, emails, parent’s meetings, newsletters, and planning committees. We value your input. Parents are key to the success of Escuela Viva. Without your support and commitment we could never achieve our maximum potential.

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