“We got way more than we ever could have hoped for at Escuela Viva – not only a place that was physically safe, but emotionally and socially safe as well. This is not a daycare where kids are dropped off and mildly entertained throughout the day until pickup. This is a actual school focused on growth, learning, compassion, community, diversity, and respect for self and others.”

Until our children became a part of this school, we never realized the importance of early childhood education. This really is where it begins – we have been witnessing the benefit for several years now. They have been given tools to go into the world and be thoughtful productive members of society at such an early age. We are constantly amazed at the kind, compassionate, smart, and funny people our kids are growing to be – and much of that we attribute to Escuela Viva.There is no way to put a price on the peace of mind and pure joy that comes with having our children at a school where we are absolutely sure they are safe, cared for, and loved, and knowing that they will do exciting things during the course of the day that enrich their lives and encourage them to be joyful, respectful members of their community.

~ The Fors Family

“After researching probably every school in Portland (ad nauseam I might add), I found Escuela Viva. They had everything I was looking for in a school: an excellent curriculum, a staff I felt comfortable with and a program that is like minded in their approach to caring for and educating children. I was originally attracted to the Spanish immersion piece, but found it was just an added bonus.

“The staff are truly phenomenal people. They are caring, intuitive, committed, and most importantly—open and honest communicators. They were attentive not just to my child’s physical needs, but her social, emotional and spiritual health. As a parent, I too have benefited from their expertise and incorporated many of their best-practices into our lives.

“I feel fortunate to have found Sapitos. Leaving my child was difficult at first, but I was quickly able to have complete peace of mind that she was cared for in every way that was important to me. I have no doubt each child that attends the school will receive the same level of care.

“I will forever be grateful for the love, direction and modeling the Sapitos staff gave to my family.”

–Kelly Anderson, Sapitos parent

“We are absolutely thrilled that our daughter is at Escuela Viva. We were worried last spring about how she would spend the next year, since she has a late fall birthday that comes after the public school deadline, and had desperately outgrown her very sweet preschool. We found Escuela Viva online and were sorry we hadn’t known about it sooner. Our daughter loves her school, her friends, her teachers and what she is learning. She comes home just brimming with joy over what it is she is learning, whether it be new yoga moves or new songs in Spanish. Though she has been exposed to Spanish since birth (we are not native speakers but do manage in it), it is only now, at almost 5, that the words and concepts are really clicking. Our child is the youngest of three daughters who were in preschool and school in Washington, DC and New York. Escuela Viva is by far our favorite.”

–Sapitos parent

“Our son is thriving at Escuela Viva! His imagination and verbal dexterity has blossomed immensely. He’s more expressive and creative. As a naturally exuberant and physical child, and intelligent on top of that, he has been a bit of a challenge for us. Escuela Viva has made so much difference in his life and our home life as well. He is intellectually stimulated, and our son has learned much more bodily control and compassion for himself and others. Every morning we are greeted by the other students scurrying to give my son a hug to welcome him in the mornings, and the teachers are smiling with a cheery “Buenos Dias!”.

One of the greatest things about Escuela Viva is the love and attention given to each child and the child’s parents. Because of this attention and the communication between parents/teachers, we no longer have to provide a separate special lunch for our son who is on a restricted diet. The teachers want our son to feel included in the lunches here at school, so we coordinate in order for Escuela Viva to provide our son the same meals as the other kids with slightly different ingredients. The meals are fresh and cooked daily at the school.

It’s hard for us to express in a small testimonial just how much we love Escuela Viva and how much we love and appreciate the teachers and other families. Our son loves going to school every day! And he constantly talks about the teachers and the other students. We are so pleased that our 16-month-old son is already on the list for the Escuela Viva pre-school.”

–The Ehnes family

“When Charlie’s brother is upset, Charlie will rub his arm and point to things that he likes to distract him. I can sneeze and I will hear Charlie from another room yell, “You ok, Mommy?” He is very tuned into to others he sees that may be upset or crying. I attribute a great deal of his compassion to the environment at Escuela Viva. I love that not only has empathy been nurtured but the capacity to provide comfort to others. What a wonderful thing to empower in such little people. Thank you.”

–Jessica Blei, Sapitos Parent

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