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Dear Parents,

As you may know, Escuela Viva was forced to close today due to a police investigation occurring on our street this morning.  We have learned that during the night there was a shooting in the area.  Thankfully no one died.  The police have informed us that, like most violence, this incident involved two people who knew each other and had been feuding for some time.    As we sought to open the school this morning, police informed us that the area would be closed indefinitely as the investigation proceeded.  We made the difficult decision to close school for the day based on this information.  We very much regret needing to close today and understand the disruption this has caused for all of our families.
Whenever violence erupts in a community it is an unwelcome shock.  We are saddened by what occurred last night.  While we cannot control the community at large, we have strict security protocols in place to ensure the safety of our community.  In the six years we have been at our current location we have been always been able to provide a safe and stable environment for our children.  Rest assured that we will continue to implement and improve our safety procedures.
During the time we have occupied our current building, we have worked diligently with our attorneys, the St. Francis church, the police, and the mayor’s office to address the sometimes unruly behavior of a select few of the homeless people that use the nearby dining hall.  Just this morning Angie Garcia met with Ted Wheeler to discuss this issue.  We have achieved some important improvements, which include the cleanup of St. Francis Park.  But there is still work to be done.  While we are sensitive to the needs of Portland’s homeless population, our main goal has been to persuade the city to enforce its own laws forbidding people from setting up tents on sidewalks next to our school.  We are currently examining the cost and feasibility of private enforcement of these laws.  If you would like to join our efforts you can send a complaint to reportpdx@portlandoregon.gov or mayorcharliehales@portlandoregon.gov.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. We will be in touch again in the near future regarding our efforts. We look forward to having all classes back in session tomorrow.
Amelia Regalado
Program Director

4 thoughts on “UPDATE on Today’s Closure

  1. hey there, is it possible to start taking all classes, including angelitos and pumas outside within the secured ramp area by the office rather than through the parking lot until these issues are a bit more resolved??

  2. Dee, thank you for your comment and concern. We actually implemented this practice at the begining of this school year for all classrooms. We no longer use the Pine Street entrance for our daily transitions to the school yard.

  3. I appreciate the inclusion of contact information for city leaders. I will be contacting them directly with my concerns because I am sure you have been doing and will continue to do everything within your power to ensure the safety of our children.

    1. Thank you Stephanie, your action is greatly appreciated. It is our hope that more families will take a proactive stance as well by contacting city officials to share thoughts and concerns.

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