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For Parents

We are so thrilled that you have decided to join the Escuela Viva family.

Now that you have joined the Escuela Viva family here are a few pieces of information that will be useful for you and your family

Calendar for Upcoming Events and Open House Tours


New Parent's Guide

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Welcome Email

Ensure that you have received a “Welcome Email” from the director or administration confirming your child’s schedule. Once spots are filled it will be very difficult to accommodate changes, unless your changes correspond with changes requested by another family.

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Secured Spot

Your deposit becomes non-refundable once you have accepted your child’s spot at Escuela Viva. This deposit assures us that you will be enrolling your child and we assure you that we will have space in our school as promised. Your deposit goes towards your child’s last month at Escuela Viva and will be credited as such. In the very unlikely event that we do not have the space as we have promised, the school will at that time refund your deposit in full.

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Prior to your child starting at Escuela Viva we will contact you to set up play dates. These play dates are designed to allow your child to get to know the teachers, the children and the routines of Escuela Viva. Usually there are two play dates with the accompaniment of an adult, an hour to 2 hours each. Please do let us know if there are other arrangements that will make your child’s transition smoother.

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First Day

It is also very important that you bring the parent questionnaire to the first play date (or sooner by mail or email) so that the teachers have some time to learn a little about you, your child and your family.

Tuition Fees

Parents Forms and Resources

Q&A COVID-19 Practices and More
parent handbook.jpg
Southeast Parent Handbook
Wabash Parent Handbook - Escuela Viva
Kenton Parent Handbook
Authorization to Pick Up_Cover.jpg
Authorization to Pick Up
Infant & Toddler Program Parent Handout.
Infant & Toddler Program Parent Handout
COVID-19 Exclusion Chart
SE Infant & Toddler Enrollment Questionn
Southeast Infant & Toddler Enrollment Questionnaire
SE Infant & Toddler Enrollment Questionn
Kenton Infant & Toddler Enrollment Questionnaire
Allergy Action Plan.jpg
Allergy Action Plan
Emergency Card
Emergency Card
COVID-19 Community Agreement
Southeast Preschool & Pre-K Enrollment Questionnaire
Kenton Preschool & Pre-K Enrollment Questionnaire
Medication Authorization.jpg
Medication Authorization
Outdoor School

Have Any Questions?


Inclement Weather Policy

In the event of inclement weather conditions stay tuned to your local news as we follow Portland Public School schedule.


Our families and staff live in different parts of the Portland/Vancouver metro area so even if the weather in your neighborhood does not seem to be inclement weather we will still follow the Portland Public School schedule. If they are on 2 hour delay we will open at 10 a.m. for all students. If they are closed we are closed all day.


We will communicate electronically as we are able with delay or closure information. You can also find out about PPS closure notifications on the major news stations as well as online on their Facebook page and Twitter account.

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