In the heart of the central east side, this location is blocks from Buckman School. In operation in this location since 2010. Serving children ages 6 months to 5 years of age.

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Infant and Toddler 

Southeast Programs




6 months at the start of the school session

Ratio 3 children to 1 adult




16 months at the start of the school session

Ratio 4 children to 1 adult


One nap a day




24 months at the start of the school session

Actively learning preschool skills

Beginning to work on toileting skills

Starting to put on shoes/pants/coats independently

Using words to communicate

Building relationships, social skills and larger group (community) skills.

Ratio 5 children to 1 adult

Preschool and Kindergarten 

Southeast Programs

Early Preschool



30 months at the start of the school session

Ratio 5 children to 1 adult (group size 10)

This group is actively working  on:

*Toileting Skills
*Actively practicing self dressing skills (put on shoes/pants/coats independently)
*Using words to communicate and express feelings
*Building relationships, social skills and larger group (community) skills.



36 months at the start of the school session

Ratio 10 children to 1 adult

All must have mastered preschool skills

Diaper free and confident with toileting skills

Shoes/pants/coats independently

Using words to communicate

Actively participant in larger group (community) activities




48 months at the start of the school session

Pre-k student to teacher ratio is 10 students to 1 teacher.

All of our programs are located at 1111 SE Pine Street!

We offer half day (8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.) and full day programs (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.).

Tuition Fees

Our Southeast Teachers

Katharina Walter

Grew up all over the States and also spent about a third of her life in Germany. After moving back to the U.S. In 2012, she started working on organic farms which lead her from the east coast to the west. She's been in Portland for 5 years now and still loves it. Besides teaching, she loves to garden, paint, and hike. She started working in after-school programs while starting college, including a bilingual program in Germany. Then, she focused on early education programs, including working as a paraeducator for special needs students. In Portland, she has worked for a number of different child care centers, learning about new teaching philosophies and tools from each one. She likes to incorporate the student's interests, sensory play, outdoor exploration/plant identification, and problem-solving techniques. She is excited to add Escuela Viva to that list and look forward to developing new skills and relationships.

Jocelyn Campos–Lora

I am excited to work at Escuela Viva and get to know everyone here! I was raised and born here in Portland Oregon. I am 24 years old and have 4 doggies. I’ve recently purchased my first home and I am very excited to have my very own place to call my own. Six years ago I graduated High School. I didn’t know what career path to take but I knew I wanted to help families as best as I could. One year after being in college I was introduced to the Early Childhood Program. After taking one course I knew it was my passion. I graduated from Mt. Hood Community College with an Associates in Applied Science. My major was Child Development and Early Childhood Education. I have a few years of experience working with young toddlers and infants. I have worked as an assistant teacher, toddler teacher, Head Teacher/ Provider for an in-home child care center, and have been HR/Management for a few months. I have always enjoyed learning more and expanding my knowledge of early childhood education and development. I believe in treating children with respect and letting them be as independent as they can. On my time off I enjoy spending time with my family and dogs/cat. I love going to the beach and finding new places to explore with friends.

Richelle Van Dusen

Hola, I'm Maestra Richelle, the new Angeles teacher this year. I spent last year at Escuela Viva as a Tortuguitas teacher so I've luckily gotten the chance to know some of your amigos! My favorite thing about being a teacher is the opportunity to learn from my students on a daily basis. When we listen to children, we can learn so much! My educational philosophy is inspired by the idea that children are competent beings with infinite potential for cognitive, academic, and moral growth. My teaching style is to uplift and celebrate children when demonstrating their learning and growth. I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish Language and International Relations and am fluent in Spanish and English. I find joy in working with children and animals, traveling, spending time with family, making art, being in nature, and learning new things. I'm looking forward to a year of fun and learning with all our new Angeles!

Gloria Luna

Gloria was born in Mexico and raised her two daughters here in Portland. She is currently obtaining her Child Development Associate degree and aligns her crafts, provocations, and teaching style with the Reggio Emilia philosophy. She brings lots of joy and energy to the class and is eager to get to know your little ones.

Susana Montano

I started in the early educational world 18 years ago. Working as a registered and certified home child care provider through the State of Oregon, I provided child care for migrant families. After that, I studied English as a second language and got into college classes, where I earned an associate degree in early childhood and education. I am passionate about learning, and I believe that a professional teacher is a life long learning process. For this reason, I will continue my studies in higher education. I love teaching, I enjoy sharing learning spaces and I am always open to learn from others. I understand education as a shared system of learning between students, professors, and families. My philosophy on childcare is building healthy relationships, building skills through play, and facilitating a space that is guided by children’s interests.
    My favorite hobbies have always included learning, reading, and sharing moments with my family. I love creativity and creating things with my hands. I love to spend time around nature, and learning to play an instrument is one of my dreams.

Joshua Hamilton

I grew up on the edge of a redwood forest in Santa Cruz, CA. I have a passion for nature, and enjoy backpacking, trail running, and exploring different natural landscapes. I have a degree in ceramic sculpture and I maintain an art practice in my personal studio in the industrial district of Northwest Portland. I have been working in child care facilities for the last 9 years ranging through a variety of educational approaches. After several extended trips to South America with a dear friend from Colombia, I have developed a love for both the language and many cultures spanning the continent. While I am still learning the language, I have built a foundation in Spanish to jump off of and engage further with the children. I enjoy helping children to find their passions and explore the world with a touch of creativity and curiosity. I am excited to teach with Escuela Viva and also learn along with a new group of children. 

Marisol Paredes-Torres

Hello everyone! My name is Marisol Paredes-Torres and I am excited to join the Escuela Viva Community! I look forward to working with the children in the Cachorros/Sapitos classroom and getting to know everyone at Escuela Viva. I was born and raised here in Portland, Oregon. My parents are from Guanajuato, Mexico and they have taught me so much about my culture and the beautiful Spanish language. I realized that working with children is my passion when my little sister was born and I was able to care for her while my parents worked full time. SInce then I knew what I wanted to go to college for and the career I wanted to pursue. I graduated from Mount Hood Community College in 2017 with an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education. I have several years of experience working with children as young as 3 months and as old as 12 years. I’ve been an Infant/Toddler Teacher, an Elementary Educational Assistant, and an Assistant Director for an in home daycare. 

When working with children I love to sing in Spanish and be active. I enjoy being able to share my native language with children and my culture as well. I believe that all children deserve respect and should be given various opportunities to explore in a safe and engaging environment. I enjoy setting up developmentally and age appropriate activities for children to express themselves and to help them learn more about their world. During my free time I enjoy shopping, watching movies, cooking, and going on dates with my husband.

Sarah Scherling

My name is Sarah and I am excited to be joining the Sapitos classroom here at Escuela Viva! A Portland native myself, I grew up in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest, getting muddy and growing with the seasons just like your little ones do! I have obtained a BS in Psychology and over ten years of experience working with children in various settings. English is my native language, so I have been learning a lot from fellow teachers and students! In fact, I believe that if we’re open, our greatest teachers in life can be the youngest among us.

Beyond ensuring a safe, caring, and stimulating environment, I am committed to developing each child’s independence and self-esteem. I believe that children learn best when they are encouraged to communicate their feelings and needs. I have fostered that type of environment by implementing age- and developmentally-appropriate activities, encouraging exploration, and providing positive behavioral feedback in a consistent, warm, and affectionate manner. I am passionate about integrating holistic activities such as meditative movement and live music activities into my teaching and care of children. I feel very honored to be a part of a team that helps guide your children through their discovery of self and the world around them.

Glenna Reyes

Glenna Reyes grew up in Chicago, IL as a heritage Spanish speaker. She transferred from Loyola University to Portland State University in 2009, after studying abroad in Beijing, China. She began working at Escuela Viva as a sub while pursuing her undergraduate degree and has been a part of the EV community as a teacher, sub, assistant and volunteer on and off for about 10 years. She quickly discovered a passion and love for early childhood education and the Escuela Viva philosophy. She began in the Infant Toddler classrooms, then worked as a Tortuguitas, Angelitos and Expressive Arts teacher. After 5 years she left to expand her experience and finish her degree. She received her Bachelor’s in Psychology and Qualified Mental Health Associate in 2014. Then she worked for Portland Public Schools Head Start as a bilingual educational assistant for two years. During that time she was a leader on the Equity Committee and a member of the pilot team for a new curriculum called Tools of the Mind, which shares many similarities to this schools philosophy. She has continued her studies since she graduated from PSU at Portland Community College, taking coursework related to Elementary Education and Special Ed. This past year she worked as a one-on-one instructional aid at Serendipity center in the elementary communications classroom where she learned more about behavior management, trauma informed care, individualized instruction for children with learning disabilities, and non-violent crisis intervention. 

Her approach with children is to empower and teach them to be in control of their own learning. She uses a variety of expressive arts tools like music, dance, dramatic play and creative arts and crafts to give the children a variety of tools to explore and learn about their friends and the world around them. She is very happy to be back at Escuela Viva because she gets to share her joy, laughter, creativity, kindness, and youthful spirit with children, families and her co workers.

Maria Ramirez

Hola, my name is Maria Ramirez. I am 23 years old and a native Spanish speaker. I am the oldest of 6. I also have a daughter named Naydyn. She’ll be 8, Dec. 23rd. I’ve been a sub for Escuela Viva for the last 6 months. I’ve also subbed at In A Child’s Path/ Wild Lilac. I’m really excited to be a part of such a close community. When I’m not at Escuela Viva, you’ll find me at home with Naydyn helping her with homework or watching a film. Naydyn and I often travel to Mexico. Most of our family lives in a state called Puebla. We also enjoy camping. (fun fact: Both Naydyn and I were born at the OHSU hospital in Portland). We love the rain, so going for walks in the rain is our thing. Overall I can be very silly when it comes to hanging out with children. I really do enjoy being around them. I always leave Escuela Viva with the biggest smile on my face.

Erica Ryan

Erica Ryan started acquiring Spanish skills at the age of 5 when she first started visiting Mexico. She ended up moving to Mexico for 16 years. Since moving back to Oregon she has worked at Spanish immersion preschools for the last 4 years (Nov. 2020). She also is pursuing her Associates's degree in Early Childhood Education at P.C.C.
As a child, Erica had a somewhat negative experience in school and struggled. She aspires to be "the teacher she needed" to her students. Her motto is no child left behind and she believes that children should be able to be children. She was taught the Reggio Emilia approach and she tries to use the ideals of that as her teaching style. Trust in the child - Teacher as a facilitator - Environment as the third teacher.

Irma Kavanaugh

Irma is a recent Portland transport, having grown up in Chicago. Her first job was at a bookstore, where she specialized in the children’s section. She worked as a teacher’s aide for a year and a half, then went on to alternate between the nonprofit sector and private childcare. The three main families she nannied for employed her for 5-7 years each, and she still exchanges Christmas cards with them. Her home has been shared with almost 300 foster cats and dogs, including some special needs animals. Currently, she is pursuing her Bachelors, double majoring in Psychology and Child, Youth, and Family Studies and hopes to become a Certified Family Life Educator. She is a big believer in high quality early education, NAEYC, and Reggio Emilia. She is excited to join the Escuela Viva community, work with young children and their families again, and to practice her Spanish daily.

Irma’s two musically gifted step-sons keep her and her partner busy outside of work and school. The family enjoys volunteering with Friends of Trees and the YWCA when they get a free Saturday. Their cat prefers when they stay home so he can sleep in someone’s lap.

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