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Escuela Viva Community School

Escuela Viva was developed with two main goals in mind. The first is to provide an enriching environment that supports the spiritual, academic and humanistic needs of our children. The second is to support the development of both English and Spanish language skills.

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Escuela Viva’s Guiding Principles


Love and respect permeate every aspect of our school community


Children are competent, active learners


Children, parents, teachers, and the environment are partners in the learning process

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Children have an amazing capacity to learn language


Children are celebrated and empowered when their learning is made visible

Preschool Program Student

How to Become a Part of our Family

Escuela Viva as a Emergency Childcare Provided in Response to COVID-19

Emergency Childcare Staff Family Agreeme
Emergency Childcare Protocols
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Emergency Childcare Protocols
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Pandemic Social Story
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What Our Parents Say

"After researching probably every school in Portland (ad nauseam I might add), I found Escuela Viva. They had everything I was looking for in a school: an excellent curriculum, a staff I felt comfortable with and a program that is like minded in their approach to caring for and educating children."

Kelly Anderson, Sapitos parent

"We found Escuela Viva online and were sorry we hadn’t known about it sooner. Our daughter loves her school, her friends, her teachers and what she is learning. She comes home just brimming with joy over what it is she is learning, whether it be new yoga moves or new songs in Spanish. Though she has been exposed to Spanish since birth (we are not native speakers but do manage in it), it is only now, at almost 5, that the words and concepts are really clicking. Our child is the youngest of three daughters who were in preschool and school in Washington, DC and New York. Escuela Viva is by far our favorite."

Sapitos parent

"Our son is thriving at Escuela Viva! His imagination and verbal dexterity has blossomed immensely. He’s more expressive and creative. As a naturally exuberant and physical child, and intelligent on top of that, he has been a bit of a challenge for us. Escuela Viva has made so much difference in his life and our home life as well. He is intellectually stimulated, and our son has learned much more bodily control and compassion for himself and others. Every morning we are greeted by the other students scurrying to give my son a hug to welcome him in the mornings, and the teachers are smiling with a cheery “Buenos Dias!”.

The Ehnes family

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